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We are grateful to be considered for your project!

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to get to know you and learn more about your project. Whether this is the first time we've connected or if you're an existing client, it's with great enthusiasm that we look forward to discussing your goals, objectives and timeline.

There's a reason why we love what we do. We're passionate about serving our clients and creating solutions to your problems, too! And although it may not seem like it when you first reach out to us, there is a method to our madness in getting back to you right away.

We have a strong background in various services and skilled trades with over 20 years of experience in home repairs and renovation. Our team of skilled technicians and office staff offer an unmatched level of service and expertise that is sure to exceed your expectations.

We work closely with all of our clients to ensure there is a clear understanding of the scope and objectives of the project, as well as a streamlined plan for getting it done properly and on time. Our staff has your best interests in mind, which allows us to provide expert advice, and honest answers.

We appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your issue or project! We look forward to discussing your needs and determining how we can help you achieve your desired results quickly!

My Favorite Handyman has operated with strong values aimed at understanding and serving our client needs. To us, every new project means a new relationship. The information we learn from serving our customers allows us to deliver excellent results. Glad you got in touch today! We hope you discover the advantage of working with us!

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