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So, I'm not clearly established what I intend this blog to be. I do feel I wanted to have a channel to communicate with those I serve, and those I may serve in the future.

Who goes on to their business blog to say they are struggling? Who even blogs for their business? Well, a lot of people I'm sure if I actually stop to answer that 2nd question.

My point is, this is a period of time where I find myself nearing overwhelm with a lot on my plate, and trying to properly manage my self to best fulfill the vision of the person that I want to choose to be. I know that character as an honest, hard working, happy, passionate man with integrity, dedication, and a desire to serve the world, those around me, and the creator within me to the best of my ability.

I believe I left my planner in my shopping cart when I left it in the parking lot last night. They had not found it last I checked, and I went and checked all the carts.

I am doing my best, and that gets better every day. Thank you for your understanding!

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