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Self Management in service to others

Technology, planning, and calendar management are so extremely important to businesses today!

I have failed repeatedly to keep my schedule appointments with potential clients. This has never been intentional or from a lack of effort.

I understand where I have seen the issue to be.

Let me explain.

The creation of the website for My Favorite Handyman has been extremely helpful for me by allowing me to better serve my clients. However my ability to create and maintain a website is not at the level of the design and implementation I have envisioned.

Although, I know how my website could better serve me, I do not know how to implement all the details of that.

I am open to investing in a service to build and design my website, but I like the ability to change and do things myself, too.

I have not yet explored web design and management services thoroughly. I have spoken with 1 provider, and I have some concerns about losing power to make and manage it myself, while not knowing the level of satisfaction I'd experience trusting someone else.

Time, frequently, seems to be of the essence.

I have not discovered enough time to explore this option thoroughly.

I am learning every day how to better implement the art of the pause into my daily living, and as a result find myself better able to perform. Yet, I am a far cry from the level of performance I envision for myself.

2 weeks in a row, Ihave missed an appointment with a potential client. 1 client nearly always leads to at least 3 more jobs often fairly quickly after the first job is completed.

With this knowlege the value of 1 customer is often more than I could imagine when it comes to a financial aspect.

I wonder what the loss or damage to my business is when 1 person has a bad experience, because I failed to keep an appointment.

I "think" the problem is the website and the limitations of it to handle my scheduling in the manner I would like.

But the real issue is my inability to manage myself at the level my business is demanding from me.

So, I focus every day on being able to better manage my self... to serve my self in a way, that allows me to be better able to respond (more response-able), so I can better serve those I am blessed to come in contact with.

If you ever have a bad experience with the level of service you receive from me, I hope your level of understanding meets my level of being, and your perception of me and my service in 1 moment isn't considered the level of service I consistently provide.

And, if I fail to serve you at the level you expect, I hope it works out for the best for you, and that whatever path forward you take, you find yourself pleased with your experience of getting your project or repair completed, when it is all said and done.

You deserve the best service, because you are worthy. Take care!

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