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Why is it, more often than not, a bad idea to attempt touch up on interior paint?

It is rare in my experience, that it is a good idea to touch up interior paint, unless it has recently been painted.


Well, many times I receive a request to assess a touch up paint job, and, then, go out to find spots that need touched up on every wall, and on top of that many places on the walls.

Sometimes the whole house really just need painted.

But here's the real problem... In the rare event, it might actually make sense to touch up paint, having the paint match well is unlikely. If it was recently painted and we can get paint using the correct formula, or the correct paint is on site, then we can do a perfect job. Sometimes we can even get pretty good match by retrieving a sample from the wall, and having it matched, and can still do a nearly perfect touch up job.

However; if the home has been lived in for sometime it's just not going to work out well. All the dust, dirt, smoke, in the air has discolored the color on the walls. So, if you are using the exact formula used to originally paint, it ends up looking worse, because you get all these spots of paint that don't match, because they are clean, bright and new and really stand out, now from the old grungy paint that's on the walls.

So, what I do, when I can do a touch up job with a paint where we can't get an exact match, but the difference is subtle is to just paint whole walls, or whole areas, and end the new paint in an area where our eyes won't recognize the transition.

But generally when I get that call about touching up paint, it's a home that looks like it's been years since it's been painted, and has scuffs and dirt and spots on every wall, some walls just being completely covered.

If you're moving into a new home, and you find yourself feeling insufficient to make the home the way you want, then you may find yourself feeling regret that you just didn't do what needed done in the first place. You can live in a fresh, clean, home, free of all the dust, dirt, grime, germs and bacteria, dead skin cells, and pet dander. And, you can live in a home that makes you feel good and helps you live better.

Decide what's best for your situations, and make a decision you will be happy with!

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