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Walking a Tight Rope

The hardest thing I do... maybe that any of us do... is balance. Do you see this?

In every experience of Now, we find ourselves receiving a tremendous amount of data. Our brain processes 11 million bits of data per second, but our conscious mind can only handle 40 to 50 bits.

Our subconscious mind is really good at doing what we've always done. Growth is adapting to do things you have never done.

You've never found you had to dig deep and push yourself, have you?

Of course you have.

As I stretch myself, I am challenged and uncomfortable. It's harder than it has been before, but I pick up the load, because I am stronger than I have ever been.

If we increase the load too quickly, we sacrifice good form. Good form is foundational. It's important to understand the larger the load, the more we must focus on form.

Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Naturally, we embody and become who we are repeatedly being, so then, we must find ourselves willing to identify weaknesses in our performance.

It's through our willingness to be identified with, not just our strengths, but our weaknesses, also, that we accelerate our character development.

When we go through our busy days, solving our most pressing problems, more connected to a larger web, of local and global communities, we are only challenged to compete with ourselves, by being better able to stay attuned to what really matters, despite the continuous barrage of phone calls, emails, solicitations, and demands of those we are connected to.

Governoring our conscious attention is our greatest task. It's an act of balance... walking that fine line where we can find ourselves welcoming the uncertainty, by standing up tall and in good form, courageously focusing our attention on moving towards our end.

Every moment is the offering of the choice to move closer to or further from the heavenly experience we desire.

The choice isn't out there, it's in Here, Now

How we are being now, is creating a habit. Am I in the habit of planting good seeds?

Get your reps in.

What are you, Now, repeatedly doing, that you will later, as a result, do more easily and with greater success?

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